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05 February 2011

20 Questions

Worry. Worry. Worry, is what I do on occasion. It's like an activity for me, a sport perhaps. Worrying always seems to find a place in my mind. It wedges itself between hope and aspiration. Between fantasy and reality. Goal and dream. Beef or pork. Sigh. You get my drift. I am currently asking myself questions; I don't know if it's exactly twenty but we'll see. Twenty seemed like a fitting title, however, the questions I ask myself are never-ending. 

1. Am I going to take a mini vacay in 2 weeks? Where?
2. Is the BFF going or not?
3. Does it matter if she doesn't go?
4. Am I going to buy that flat screen tv?
5. When I go back to Miami am I going to have as much fun as I had the last time?
6. Is my career going to take me where I really want to go?
7. These people are looking to me for leadership can I really make this happen?
8. How much am I going to have to sacrifice to make this work for us all?
9. Do I really owe my ex-BFF an explanation? (Seriously, she's an adult she can call me too)
10. Do I want to write this book for me or to prove a point to the naysayers?
11. What am I going to do with this teaching certification when I get it?
12. Am I mentally and emotionally prepared for this ultimate quest I am taking myself on?
13. Do I honestly want to date a man over 40? 50?
14. Who am I going to invite to my graduation? (Not many people know I am thisclose to finishing)
15. When will my past stop invading my present?

Okay so, not 20 but close enough.

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