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13 January 2011

Back on the grind

I took a small hiatus from class in order for regroup and relax. I only have two courses left in my Masters degree program to complete and one of those courses begins next week. I hadn't really mentally prepared for my return to class because I thought I wouldn' t be able to go back until next month, well the universe had other plans for me. The universe often determines what it is best for me, I am noticing a pattern here. I am ready nonetheless. I don't have much time to prepare but I am ready. I am so excited about graduating and entering another phase of my life. Honestly, I am extremely proud of myself. A few people told me not to continue with my degree plans because I have a child and they thought it would be too difficult. Others have been in my corner rooting for me the entire time. I appreciate that.
I am studying for my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. Maybe I can be of some assistance to those who doubted me. I can offer them loads of advice. First of all be, supportive. How simple, yeah I know, sometimes its just that easy.

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